We craft brands for people who craft our food & drink.


We are here for the food and drink entrepreneurs, the chefs, the restaurateurs, the people who make what we put in our reusable grocery bags.


We believe great experiences are core to strong brands.

We believe people eat with their eyes first.

We believe glitter is MOOP.


The Team

We are spirited and creative people who believe that if you look good, we look good.

Coline LeConte, Founder & CEO

I live on the balance of left and right brain, foodie and fittie, chocolate and cheese, and red and white wine. As a leader in creative thinking and problem solving for over 15 years in startups, tech, travel, product design, wine, mobile, publishing and other industries, I decided to take my experience and knowledge to help strategize and accelerate food and beverage brands. I’m also a contributor for Edible Silicon Valley with photography, design and story production.


Meghan McGuire

Raised in the restaurant business, I started my writing career reporting for a small town paper on the Oregon Coast. Since then I have continued to write while satiating my love for, and roots in, the culinary arts. Based in Portland, Oregon, I enjoy riding my bicycle long distances and planting vegetables where they don’t belong.