3 Quick Tips To Better Food Photography


Whether you’re using your phone, a point-and-shoot, or are a hobby photographer, here are three quick things you can do to get on your way to better photos of your food or drinks:

  1. Lights--turn off the lights. You may not have noticed before but you’re going to notice this now. Your food is shiny! Reflections in your food cause highlights in your photos, making them places our eyes are attracted to. The plate or the glass in the picture is also making reflections. If you can, turn off those artificial lights and rely on the natural light coming in from outside.

  2. Shadows-another reason to pay attention to the lights. Bright flash and artificial light can give harsh shadows. These darkest areas of the photo can also be where our eyes are drawn to. The item of focus should be what stands out the most, bright and sharp.

  3. Framing--what else is in your photo? Make sure that what you really want to show off is what is prominent in the photo. Clear the clutter. Our eyes should be automatically drawn to it.

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