Keep your members longer and grow your member base


Learn what you need to know about your members, add more value to your club and create a proactive environment for your work.

Your members are important to your winery, so are you treating them like they matter? Do you get the bottles shipped and call it a day? Short on time doesn’t mean you can’t be organized and planned and make the most of your wine club. Increase your members and increase the revenue from your wine club.

Let’s do a little digging and figure out what you’re missing and then let’s ramp up your club!


  1. Do you know your numbers? A look into your data to find the value of your club and also of your wine. FREE PDF WORKSHEET!

  2. Do you know who your customers are? A look at their behavior.

  3. Map the journey

  4. Benefits v. Perks

  5. In the tasting room

  6. When it comes time to say goodbye.

  7. Shipping packaging

  8. Website

  9. Emails

  10. Plan


  • Wineries who already have a running wine club

  • Wine clubs with stagnant membership--the number of members stays the same yet there is a lot of turnover

  • Wineries who want more revenue from their wine clubs



Do you know your wine club numbers? A look into your membership data to find the value of your wine club and also of your wine.

Download the FREE PDF Worksheet

This intro to the Tastefully Made Method Wine Club program will get you thinking on where you need improvement.